Thursday, December 11, 2008


Discussions about how bad Twilight is and loling at Twilight bashing sites with my friend Lee lead to this picture coming into fruition:

I do not apologize for anything.

"Nothing fulfills my dark sexual fetishes like Twilight."

-- Judge Claude Frollo

Gift Sketches

Currently doing a meme where I draw some pictures for people and I get art in return from others if I was fast enough to comment in their journal, woo hoo! Technically I should be getting around 4-5 pictures but sometimes people don't follow through with it, which is sad. :( But I love drawing for other people so HUZZAH I started right away!

Saturnian Smith for azarath:

Hotaru for Allisonface:

And I did a sketch exchange over at the SketchySketch forums and drew Simone with her kitty doll for MistyTang!


So a few weeks ago I did this hilarious signup for 3 lucky people to get free art from me if they paid me with a Spider Drawing.

Inspired by the Man who tried to pay his 200 dollar bill with a Spider drawing.

Nyanko-chan paid with this:

and got this:

Supinternets/Amanda paid with this:

and got this:

Mirre paid with this:

And got this:

I love my friends. XD

50's Diner Jak

Hey guys! Happy December! I got a few art posts coming your way.

First up I have a graphic for my new 50's diner themed website I'm designing..

Here is Jak (formerly known as Enerjak) dressed in a rollerbladin' skull themed 50's getup (with the WHITE SPOT burger. If you're ever in Canada you need to go to White Spot and try their burgers. They have a pickle on the top.)

Keep a lookout when gets updated eventually.