Friday, May 23, 2008


Zomg, I decided to post a picture of Lunar from the Beastector gang from the video game Mischief Makers/Yuke Yuke Troublemakers for N64, which is IMHO, one of the best video games evar. EVAR.

And he was my first ever Videogame crush. <3>

And just for good measure , here's the first drawing I did of him EVER when I was in Grade 8, just for laughs.

YEeEAH baAABYyyy I'M BaAAACcccKk!!!21!@#!@!one

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dah'nan and IYS Bee

I did a sketch yesterday at work of Dah'nan. (click it for biggar image!)

Also did a fast CG doodle of Insane Yeti Squirrel in a bee costume.
I love defying the laws of physics.

Emerald City ComiCon sketches

Again I didn't get to go to Emerald City this year in Seattle, so of course I get one of my partners in crime to go for me in my stead, bringing a printed off picture of Candy and being like "DRAW THIS PERSON." So my supervisor Jeff was the culprit this year and got me a couple of sketches from peeps I wanted art from. Yay!

Pia Guerra - artist of "Y the Last Man"

Brian Lee O'Malley - artist of Scott Pilgrim series

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Candy's first photoshoot (BJD)

I know this isn't REALLY art, but I did create the outfit of the doll! And it's Candy! You can't say no to her right? RIGHT?!!? Well you can't, it's my blog. HAH.

Thanks to superkatchanface for making her awesome wig and Pepstar for her lovely faceup!

Click on each photo to make it bigger, of course!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Signum Fas art I did TODAY! Candy and Geneviev

Yeah, that's right. Read the title and weep. I did both of these TODAY. Yep. And they're not commissions. I KNOW. BIG SHOCK. @________@! (Not meant to be sarcasm, sarcasm/not sarcasm is lost over the internet.) XD

I did this picture for my supervisor at work because he's going to Emerald City ComiCon, and since I didn't get to go again, he's going to take this picture and get a bunch of artists to draw Candy (hopefully!) I'm so excited!2#$@ All the art I get I will post on here so you all can see! I should post the 2 I got a couple years ago when my other friend went in my stead again (I've never actually gone. -___- everything always comes up for some reason or another..)
So yes! Quick picture of Candy. Annnnd..

Haha. I drew this at work today between chats and calls, because that's usually when I read comics. I read one today called "Shinigami Lovers" and the main character is obsessed with nail art and it gave me the idea to do this. XD Also I wanted to practice perspectiveness. I mean, my environments still need a buttload of work because I'm so out of practice, but whatever, cute girls make up for it, yes? YESS!?!?! So yeah, Candy and Geneviev at a spa gettin' pampered. ~~<3 I could so go for a spa treatment RIIIIGHT NOW.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kings Quest Retardedness

Because the world needs more Kings Quest art, obviously.
This was done awhile ago but it had to be posted again because.. I mean... lol.
Anyone who hasn't played the games won't get it. So if you don't get it.. PLAY THE FREAKING GAMES. You can pick up the compilation's for like, 20 dollars at Gamestop. SO GO DO IT.

What do you do with it, King Graham!? NOTHINGGGGG.

Prince Alexander is so moe.

Always the worst situations for Alex.

Seriously, you can't do any of this in the game. WHY? It would make so much more sense!

Sweet Sixteen...

I saw a link from BlackbookAlpha's journal for an art meme to draw yourself when you were 16 years old. Excellent chance to bash my teenage self. Some people were drawing "today" comparisons too so I decided to throw that one in there too.

Originating from davario's LJ
entry here:

Not so sweet. :/

Davario asked me what's on my ear in the first picture. It's one of those fake "Ear cuffs", probably to make me look extra hardcore.

Cherry Darling

I watched Planet Terror a couple weekends ago, and I freaking loved it. I can't believe I waited so long to see it. I'm a huge Charmed dork, and since Rose McGowan was in it, I was in heaven. She's so hot. ;o;

So I did some "Cherry Darling" fanart. The whole machine gun leg idea is just.. too freaking cool to NOT dra
w. Still working on my guns (I suck at drawing machines) but I think this turned out okay!


My mom and I also watched Cloverfield. That one wasn't as good, but talking with a friend of mine, she came up with "Gloverfield" (Starring Danny Glover as the monster) and for some reason Arnold Schwarzenegger became the little aliens. I had to draw it.

Commissions for Sebastion

I got commissioned by a wonderful person, Sebastion, to draw some lovely men, so I will share them now with you. They were really fun to draw and color. :D

Sebastion Kitty


Always loved drawing the dark gothic style guys with their pretty long hair~. <3 These 2 commissions paid for my huge Totoro blanket I got from J-list.

Ah.... bliss. =~____~=

Donation Drawings

Here's a posting of donation drawings I did for some great people who helped me out during a bad time for me when my car broke down. It likes to do that a lot.

In return I drew some pictures, so here is the first time it's posted anywhere other than my private LiveJournal. Enjoy!

Nekro for Jesse/Randomredux

Drawings for Mizutamari/Puddle

Red Kite


Drawings for Underground Uno





Drawings for Nathan Weber/NCWeber

Ace of Spades

Golden Glover

Xull'Rae and Ves'Zaun for Xullrae and her hubby

Marcello from Dragon Quest 8 for Cherden

"Union Jackpot" Batman, Catwoman, Supergirl, Nekro and Wildcat for Jezebel1669

Sexy Pirate Queen and unnamed Elf Girl for Pablocomics

Enjoy them all!


Hello, readers new and old.

Let's kick things off with a starter picture just to see how this works.

Bear with me here.

My friend Jeanine requested a picture of herself. She really is this cute. :)