Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friendly Huggin's

A random speedpaint I did of Candy and Geneviev while my boyfriend was playing Megaman 9. :D

A logo.

Yes. It's a logo. A logo I made for a coworker for their dodgeball team.

Team Barrel Roll. Yes, like from Starfox. ohhhhhh we're all geeks over at grand ol' eBay.

Chompy's Toothy Hug

This piece is well deserved for my friend DorkZombie/Tyler. He wanted me (so I put in Enerjak) or himself being ripped/eaten by his Geek zombie character, Chompy. I put both of us in there and made it super gory. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I've always wanted to draw someone sliced in half carrying their torso across the screen............
... I swear nothing's wrong with me...

Lady Bloodclaw

Part 1/3 of art I haven't posted the last week!

First I bring you a commission of DaimyoShi's character, Lady Bloodclaw. It's kind of funny, she looks like a badass fit version of me. Mwahaha.

That stare.. O________O she'll punch you in the face with it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Strip-Me-Leon Adventures

I know this isn't art, but.. it's amusing. And I edited some of the pictures. It's.. Photography I guess? I bought an expensive action figure and you get to see me being bored and amused at plastic pecs.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*ONTO THE SHOW***~*~*~~*~*~~*

What's that, Leon? You have an incurable urge to STRIP? Well then...

TOO HOT FOR THE INTERNET? See how Leon makes a funny masculine jab at the hero from the other Resident Evil.

See that? HE'S LIFTING UP HIS SHIRT. He's doing it all on his own. This is too hot for webcam. Leon's viewers pay to have more.. So we upgrade cameras!

He really didn't want to come out of that jacket. He got a little stage fright. :(

This quote is a dedication to my dear retarded friend Jesse/Kyo

HE'S SPARKLING and I drew him a gstring AHAHAHAHAHA

Leon doesn't want to hang around with his fly undone anymore. He needs to kick it up a notch. For the LADIES.

The next shot was so hot, it landed Leon with his own commercial and product endorsement.

This picture made me have a boner :( (That's me in the corner offering.. american cash??!!?)

There really wasn't anything in his package area at all, much to my dismay. So I drew some fashionable underwear on him.

His back was less than desirable. It looked like he had the mumps or something, so I drew some faces on them. :D


Sunday, November 2, 2008


Last month I beat a totally awesome game my boyfriend made me play called Psychonauts. I had always wanted to play it but I never had an XBOX, nor could I find it for ps2. So I finally played it and I freaked loved it. It was original, funny, and my kind of game. :D So I had to do a fanart piece to honor some of the best characters in that game. This took me a few weeks on and off. :O