Tuesday, August 11, 2009


A commission for XullraeZauviir for her friend. It's his character Early, without all the armor. :D He has glowy eyes and a cool owl pendant! And he's ripped! BOOYAKASHA!


A gift from a friend to another friend.. this time it's World Ends With You's Minamimoto! He seems like a cool character. I can't wait to play that game! Pose ref used.

vampire princess and her pet zombie

Another COMMISSION (NO WAI) for Leslie/Sailor Angel of her character Vampire Princess Vicky and her pet zombie Spike. It's so cuuuutsey! I still had fun drawing it though. Hehe. YAY ZOMBIES!

tasty arm

Kendrick is Rudebega's sexy redheaded serial killer...

She felt down so what better way to draw him and cheer her up!?


nabiu the cranberry sprite

Another commission, this time I draw it on PAPER (GASP) REAL PAPER (DOUBLE GASP) and I am sending it to the lovely AquaLimeade. This is her character Nabiu and her orchid mantis pet. Nabiu is a badass cranberry sprite! Don't piss her off!

You Are the GonkGonk to my Yermasnapin

A picture I made for a friend, Chantal, for her boyfriend (an old coworker of mine) for his birthday!

A gonk droid and a tauntaun (a girly one!)

and so she sighs...

Sometimes I get inspired by things my friends get obsessed about. Like an art buddy over at DA/Livejournal lily-fox was really obsessed with Skinner from X-Files, so I decided to draw her some awesome FAN ART of her character Jenny enjoying a little of his company. Hurrrr. We like May-Decembers. We're creating a fan club. 8|

steelfeather and misty

Here's 2 full body commissions for some lovely, generous friends!

First up is a coworker, Ruby's character, Steelfeather. She's a delicious pirate cat lady but wanted her human form...

Then we have Misty, who is the property of MistyTang!

(Ps she drew me a FREAKIN SWEET pic of Candy you gotta go see it GO GO GO)

Click and go to DA and tell her how much you love her.


A few weeks ago was a good friend Jon DuGuay's birthday, and I made him a birthday card!

I turned him into EXBAWKS KID

Please enjoy.

I also got so jealous of how awesome his turned out, that I made one for myself.


I did this for a friend of a friend.. they're making a kickass ZOMBIE BOARD GAME so these are the drawings I made for said game. :D Enjoy! They are a bit gross, just so you're warned. Designs by yours truly!