Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Totally randomly drew this guy while I was getting my hair done yesterday at Rainbow Room.

They're good people!

I decided to colour him up last night, and I love how it turned out. :}
BG Texture from here: texturestockbyhjs

Insane Yeti Squirrel Webcomic Returns!

In case you didn't know already, I brought back Insane Yeti Squirrel from the dead.

Insane Yeti Squirrel on SmackJeeves!




Some Giftage~ OTTERS and FROLLO

A birthday present for Tylerface. He likes Otters and Batman related things. Combine the two and you make him happy for several eternities.

And a female Frollo sniffing a male Esmeralda, because that's not creepy in the slightest.
For a wonderful Kundagi~


For those times you just DON'T know what to say....

...say it with RARFLAGLE.

Brought to you by a very rabid yeti squirrel.

Also now with more Roy the Duck!

Drawn for DJDamien!



I just want to say, I brought in the decade by drawing this gorgeous picture.

There were many witnessess to it's creation.

None whom are alive today.


Hourly Comics Day 2010

February was the month that contained the HOURLY COMICS DAY, where you drew a comic every hour about the spectacular thing you happened to be doing at that point in time.

According to mine, my life is completely riveting. You don't believe me? CHECK DIS OUT, MOFO~

DW + Hetalia Crossover

aka Why England Hates Christmas.

Good ol' Hetalia LJ community.

Someone sparks up a thread about the Axis Powers Hetalia episode why it seemed "England was too shy to tell people about what Christmas in the UK is like", and someone mentioned it was all Doctor Who's fault.

Because you know. Every Christmas in Doctor Who means aliens are going to attack England. Or in this case... Russia-Daleks.

For the love of Axis Powers Hetalia and Doctor Who!
And thanks to the Hetalia LJ community for the inspiration!

Silly Comics Hour

A couple of silly comics!

This one I did for my friend Aysha when she was getting upset at her math homework. I drew her this to cheer her on! :D She's getting pestered by her character, Errikan!

And this was for the Secret Santa exchange done at the Livejournal Professor Layton community. The request I had to draw was something along the lines of explicit Layton X Luke, and this is all I really dared to draw without fear of getting arrested. :}




At Kody's house in November, I was inspired by a fanart on Deviantart of Canada from Hetalia turned into "Manada", which basically took the stereotype Hetalia had of Canada (shy, doesn't speak up, girly, always dominated by the USA, etc) and turned that all around to what Canada's true stereotype is, which is buff, axe swinging, maple swigging, bacon eating, hairy lumberjacks.

At first, I just wanted to pay tribute to the Manada idea with a simple cg sketch of his glorious manliness, and an updated tribute anthem.

O Manada
(sung to the tune of O Canada)

Oh Manada
you're made of steel and ham
we are your bitch
for your abs to command

with glowing loins
we see thee flex
the true north strong and free
from that tight butt
Oh Manada
we give up our virginity
god keep his scruff
snuggable and free

Oh Manada
please take us now for thee
Oh Manada

please take us now for thee


But it ended up turning into a 3 part comic series as well.

Close up of Manada and his bear exploding out of the 3rd story window rocketing off into the sunset.

A lot of people seemed to love this idea...

I wonder why!


SPACE prison!

My awesome friend Kody has a webcomic called Space Prison. Click on the link, see it's awesome cuteness in all it's frightening and silly geeky imagery!

As a thanks for letting me stay with him, I draw him arts. It's not like it's a chore, his characters are mega fun to draw. :}

So here we have a Johnny, Junpei, Skinny and Kody!


Take that, Uncle Ben.


Kody was sad so I drew him this to cheer him up.
Kody's Quiet Log Time.

Thank you, Dr. Tran.
According to Kody, it looks like has dicklegs. SHUTUP!


Playful Pan & Misty Koopa

Back in December, I participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange on Deviantart run by ChemicalAlia. I was assigned to draw for a sweet girl by the nickname Misty Koopa, and drew her character in Christmasy gear for her.

I also did a pinch-hitter picture, when someone failed to turn in their picture, I came to the rescue of the picture-receiver and drew their request for them instead! So double the gift giving, double the happiness!

Metalik-fairy wanted a mythical creature of some sort, and looking at her artwork she seemed to like pans, so I drew her a playful little pan dancing about in the water with some sprites. Wee!


I spent quite a bit of November/December drawing pictures of Russia from Axis Powers Hetalia, because once I get obsessed about something it doesn't leave for a good few weeks. So these are the spoils of my Russia-escapade obsession.

I hate you but love you Hetalia~

A pretty headshot sketch. Oh that dark red suits him so nice. Probably why he's covered in blood in most fanart. :}

(also, that's my friend Sarah bellydancing, hur hur)

IN OTHER NEWS.... My friend Sarah and I made Hetalia characters based off of where we're from, she's from Plymouth and I'm from Vancouver. So we have Rose (Plymouth) on the left and Victoria (Vancouver) on the right.

They are a big fan of Russia.

RUSSIA'S BITCHES (p.s. it says hot tub in Russian, at least that's what Google Translate told me.)


:::Extra Mary-Sueish Fluff:::

Victoria getting a surprise from Ivan

My friend Sarah enjoying the company of our communist comrade~

I'm sorry if you hate me for any of these. I get weird when I haven't been laid in a long time.


.....nice primorsky.



While I was at :iconsailorangel:'s house, I was very sick! So I couldn't work on art much. So we had a Fushigi Yuugi marathon and then I was instantly better! This took a couple weeks to finish, working on it on and off since I've been in Sweden, but now I am done and I am happy to share. :D

I originally was just going to draw Hotohori, but then Nuriko appeared, and so did Tasuki, then Tamahome, then.. well the rest of them. I had to draw them all!

Please CLICK it for the full view!

Fushigi Yuugi was one of those awesome animes of my past that made me who I am today! Tragic romances rock my world! It's definitely Yuu Watase's best! Check it out if you haven't read/seen it yet. Oldschool anime at it's finest!




This is a commission that took me awhile to finish... for my good friend Kat!

It's of her Unavisi, Ngaio. I used some fantastic brushes made by Thundercake.

Assassin type dude looking down at his freshly killed target! Ahhh, got shivers even while drawing it.



Round 1, ahahahaah.

My friends in Cheltenham, England got me hooked watching Axis Powers Hetalia. It was the first anime I had really sat down and watched, even more so ENJOYED, in years. Needless to say, I get really inspired by something, I gotta do fanart for it. Thankfully, it really got me using my fingermeats to get buzzed drawing!

So here are a few quick CGs I made while watching the show, not knowing too much about it. I sort of fell in love with all of the characters, especially Russia and Italy.



Prussia & Canada"first awkward kiss" prompt from pie-is-i

The first of many Russia!raep faces to come. Poor Canada.

My Cheltenham friends and I had a Hetalia themed potluck party, where we each came as a different character and brought a different country-centric dish. This picture accurately describes most events. The ones you might not recognize are Scotland on the bottom left and New Zealand on the top right.

In case you didn't already think I was nuts, insane drawing doodledump!


What's in the Bag? meme

Did this little meme as a fun thing that was plaguing DeviantArt for a bit.

WHAT'S IN THE BAG meme? Supposed to draw everything that's in your bag/purse/pockets...whatever! I got quite a lot of things!

Gave me an excuse to draw some objects for a change. It was fun! :D

Happy Hallow-CRACK!

Did this for Halloween/Samhain!

This is what happens when things sneak up behind JJ.

JJ is my ladies man, doofus bassist from my comic, Signum Fas.

Happy Halloween!

Jenesri Commission

Did this back in October as a commission for a sweet girl!

Her character Jenesri wearing outfits from a YuGiOh Card game.