Monday, April 20, 2009

warm feelings!

This time, it's a hot pinup of a character for DaimyoShi, of his character Warm Feelings!

my muscles are bigger.

One more random (COMPLETELY RANDOM) giftage for Puddlecakes.

These were so much fun to do. I was completely within my element drawing these. I had so much fun and it was the first time in a long time I was able to churn out 3 art pieces a day, go grocery shopping, have fun at the mall, and play a card game with friends. It was a good day. :D

This time it's Alsike (the big dude) comparing muscles with Ethos (the littler, fiestier dude)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Another picture for Puddle, this time of her character Jasmine!
I've been totally rockin' these pinups today. Now I'm going to do her 2 sexy male characters! :D

heather caluna

A gift for the awesome Puddle, because she is rad and wonderful and such. :D

Her character, Heather Caluna.

Friday, April 17, 2009

doctor tennant

Took a wee break in between commissions because I had a hankering to draw the Doctor, David Tennant's version, and damn, I love how it turned out.

If you could all just ignore the horrible perspective of the TARDIS, that would be greatly appreciated. :D


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A commission I did for Nathan Weber, who's always been a super awesome person to me in times of need. He's awesome and has gorgeous characters. LOVE HIM!!

This is his OC, Star Child. She didn't have a full body shot, so I made up a cool outfit for her.

Van Grants

Here is a sketch commission I did for Cherden, of the character Van Grants from the Tales of Destiny RPG series! I didn't know very much about him, other than he's the main villain. Cool. he has crazy samurai hair. :3

Dork Zombie Video

I made this picture for my good friend Tyler of his character, Chompy, jumping over a video store desk at the viewer. I haven't downloaded any fonts for my new mac. It will definitely be an adventure, so I had to go with some basic fontage. I think it's still a cute picture!

He got me Resident Evil Degeneration on DVD when it came out so this is his thank you pic. :3

Saturday, April 11, 2009

ECCC Sketches a la Molly!

I actually found time to doodle a few things during ECCC because it made me want to draw so much! That's the kind of artistic pick me up I needed.

Firstly, I drew Linsner a quick colored sketch of Dawn so I could give it to him, just to show my love for Dawn and him. Eva Hopkins was so nice, she was great!

Here's the color and black and white since I like both. :}

Also I drew on the Cintiq at the Wacom booth... <3

And then I drew my two friends, Shell and Tasli, who were dressed in amazing Black Widow and Scarlet Witch costumes. They are so cute, ah!

And lastly... me after seeing Linsner the first time. Can I stop fangirling all the time, please?! It's a bit embarrassing...

Emerald City ComicCon!

Well I got back from Emerald City Comic Con a week ago, and it was a blast! It was my first "comic" convention. I've been to anime cons but not an actual comiccon, where I didn't have to worry about getting to panels and last minute costuming. I just went, saw everything, met some great people and had a fantastic time.

I bring back arts of Candy and other things, like I usually got my friends to bring back for me when they went. This time I was able to get a couple more pieces. So I will share all my goodies with you!

First I commissioned a piece from Edward Pun, who does the comic Betsy Mae. You can see his awesome art on his website, here!

Then I got a sketch from Jim Mahfood, who has the most bitchin' style. I wish I had brought enough money to get a full blown commission from this guy. His website is here:

Next, I got a drawing from Pia Guerra, who draws Y! the Last Man. I get one from her every year, so this was the 3 year anniversary of her drawing Candy. Hee hee.

My friend Tasli is also super talented, her deviantart account can be found here: She drew me a picture of Candy just because she wanted to! Isn't she awesome?! She also made the HOTTEST Scarlet Witch costume ever.

Got Angela to draw me a pic of Candy in the back of the sketchbook I bought from her, too. Her website is here:

Also I feel really bad, I got another guy to draw Candy, but I forgot his name.. I think he either drew or wrote one of the comics at the convention.. he seemed really self conscious about his drawing talent, but I think he did an awesome job. :) Thanks dude! I'll post your name once I find it..

And lastly but not leastly...

2 comic gods drew me stuffs.

I got a Hellboy from Mike Mignolia..

And a Dawn sketch from my personal hero, Joseph Michael Linsner. Thanks again, Joe! <3

My drawings/doodles post to follow....