Friday, May 9, 2008

Signum Fas art I did TODAY! Candy and Geneviev

Yeah, that's right. Read the title and weep. I did both of these TODAY. Yep. And they're not commissions. I KNOW. BIG SHOCK. @________@! (Not meant to be sarcasm, sarcasm/not sarcasm is lost over the internet.) XD

I did this picture for my supervisor at work because he's going to Emerald City ComiCon, and since I didn't get to go again, he's going to take this picture and get a bunch of artists to draw Candy (hopefully!) I'm so excited!2#$@ All the art I get I will post on here so you all can see! I should post the 2 I got a couple years ago when my other friend went in my stead again (I've never actually gone. -___- everything always comes up for some reason or another..)
So yes! Quick picture of Candy. Annnnd..

Haha. I drew this at work today between chats and calls, because that's usually when I read comics. I read one today called "Shinigami Lovers" and the main character is obsessed with nail art and it gave me the idea to do this. XD Also I wanted to practice perspectiveness. I mean, my environments still need a buttload of work because I'm so out of practice, but whatever, cute girls make up for it, yes? YESS!?!?! So yeah, Candy and Geneviev at a spa gettin' pampered. ~~<3 I could so go for a spa treatment RIIIIGHT NOW.


wisesky said...

ok... happy comment as you requested.

HI MOLLY@!@#&*%#^*&^@! :)

Now Get back back up on top... :p

steph said...

OH MAN. I hear you about the spa thing. XD I've wanted to get a mani/pedi, facial and body massage for like, a year. hahaha. :D

This drawing is really awesome! You are really good at perspective! The cool thing about it is that it doesn't necessarily look super realistic, but the way you exaggerated everything and stuff it makes it look really stylish and dynamic! IT IS EXCELLENT :D

and omg about the comic con thing, I had no idea it was even happening, lol. Is that Jackson who's bringing your characters to get drawings done of them? XD LOL I wish he'd do that for me. but oh well, hes probably mad that I haven't finished his commissions yet, haha :D

Jakface said...

Naw, it's actually my supervisor Jeff who's doing it for me this time. :D Jackson did it last time and I wouldn't ask him to do it again, not fair to him. Haha.

Molly McCausland said...


And I am watching you with my pageflakes :D

Molly xxxx