Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Katamari Deliciousy

More awesome fanart requests for commissions, my friends. This time, some personalized and silly pictures from Katamari Damacy. I got 2 of them in a row! Got me to play around with colors a bit and all the happiness and silliness cheered up my rather depressed mood (because of my crappy new data entry job that is full of BULLSHITTERY but let's not go into that. Happy thawts!)

First was for Justine, who just wanted something Katamari Damacy/Prince related. I had to put the King of all Cosmos in there for good measure because you know. Bulge.

Oh and also, my token silly retarded snails. These guys will make more and more appearances in my art, just watch for them.

Then Lisa/Aurianfae wanted me to draw her a Katamari picture with some people we knew, so I just put in her, her hubby, her doggie, and Jak. Happiness and flying cows abounds!

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ps. what's with the word verifications blogger keeps making me write for your posts: tomessero, blisterp... aha.