Saturday, April 11, 2009

ECCC Sketches a la Molly!

I actually found time to doodle a few things during ECCC because it made me want to draw so much! That's the kind of artistic pick me up I needed.

Firstly, I drew Linsner a quick colored sketch of Dawn so I could give it to him, just to show my love for Dawn and him. Eva Hopkins was so nice, she was great!

Here's the color and black and white since I like both. :}

Also I drew on the Cintiq at the Wacom booth... <3

And then I drew my two friends, Shell and Tasli, who were dressed in amazing Black Widow and Scarlet Witch costumes. They are so cute, ah!

And lastly... me after seeing Linsner the first time. Can I stop fangirling all the time, please?! It's a bit embarrassing...

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Edward Pun said...

Your art blog is really good... I especially like the drawing you did on the cintiq!