Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Round 1, ahahahaah.

My friends in Cheltenham, England got me hooked watching Axis Powers Hetalia. It was the first anime I had really sat down and watched, even more so ENJOYED, in years. Needless to say, I get really inspired by something, I gotta do fanart for it. Thankfully, it really got me using my fingermeats to get buzzed drawing!

So here are a few quick CGs I made while watching the show, not knowing too much about it. I sort of fell in love with all of the characters, especially Russia and Italy.



Prussia & Canada"first awkward kiss" prompt from pie-is-i

The first of many Russia!raep faces to come. Poor Canada.

My Cheltenham friends and I had a Hetalia themed potluck party, where we each came as a different character and brought a different country-centric dish. This picture accurately describes most events. The ones you might not recognize are Scotland on the bottom left and New Zealand on the top right.

In case you didn't already think I was nuts, insane drawing doodledump!


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