Wednesday, March 17, 2010


At Kody's house in November, I was inspired by a fanart on Deviantart of Canada from Hetalia turned into "Manada", which basically took the stereotype Hetalia had of Canada (shy, doesn't speak up, girly, always dominated by the USA, etc) and turned that all around to what Canada's true stereotype is, which is buff, axe swinging, maple swigging, bacon eating, hairy lumberjacks.

At first, I just wanted to pay tribute to the Manada idea with a simple cg sketch of his glorious manliness, and an updated tribute anthem.

O Manada
(sung to the tune of O Canada)

Oh Manada
you're made of steel and ham
we are your bitch
for your abs to command

with glowing loins
we see thee flex
the true north strong and free
from that tight butt
Oh Manada
we give up our virginity
god keep his scruff
snuggable and free

Oh Manada
please take us now for thee
Oh Manada

please take us now for thee


But it ended up turning into a 3 part comic series as well.

Close up of Manada and his bear exploding out of the 3rd story window rocketing off into the sunset.

A lot of people seemed to love this idea...

I wonder why!


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Tal said...

OH MY GOD. I love this!! You need to keep doing this! HILARIOUS!!!!!!